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In 2006 Crown Prince Alexander personally founded a non-profit organization committed to advancing education and academic research in Serbia, to address the outflow of brilliant young academics and to promote Serbian cultural heritage.

The Foundation links Serbian education institutions with reputable international institutions and forms highly educated well-trained young professionals, connecting Serbian youth to the business community and to the world.

To realize its objectives our Foundation mainly connects Serbian Academic institutions to highly reputable European and American institutions by initiating creation and setting up of the platforms for long lasting cooperation. In this way, it opens doors to the World for Serbian young academics.

Here you can read more about the projects of the Foundation.

Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for Culture and Education is proud to have very efficient Board of Directors with renowned individuals in it.  Here you can find out more about it. (note: link for the page Board of Directors).

Legal information

The Foundation was established according to the laws of the Republic of Serbia and approved by the Ministry of Culture Resolution Number 415-00-00077/2006-14 dated 18.09.2006 and Fund registration number 554. 

As a legal entity it is registered with the Ministry of Finance and Tax Department Number 104629681 and tax Number 17672363.

The code of activity is assigned by the Registry of the Republic Institute for Statistics Number 91330

The Foundation‘s bank account number for domestic currency is
250-1100020055091-76, at EFG Eurobank

Board of Directors

  • Professor Ljiljana Markovic, PhD – Vice Dean at Faculty of Philology
  • Professor Aleksandra Vranes, PhD – Dean at Faculty of Philology
  • Mrs. Branka Prpa, Dr - Historian
  • Professor Ana Trbovic, PhD – Dean at Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration
  • Mr. Dusan Rakitic, LLM – Professor at Faculty of Law
  • Mr. Dejan M. Jovanovic – Deputy Director at Publishing House for Textbooks
  • Mr. Marko Stojanovic – President of Royal curling club, Actor
  • Mr. Svetomir Jakovljevic –  Union of Translators



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