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"Tune In“ Project in Cooperation of HRH Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for Culture and Education and Embassy of Australia

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander together with H.E. Dr. Helena Studdert, Ambassador of Australia to Serbia visited today the participants of the “Tune in” project that aims to motivate and help professional advancement of people with  disabilities to see their progress and hear their experiences.

 His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander officially opened the first lecture of his Foundation for Culture and Education’s “TUNE IN” project back in  November for helping people with disabilities to  advance professionally .

 Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine together with H.E. Dr Helena Studdert, Ambassador of Australia welcomed the participants after which the participants took part in interactive workshops led by Dragan Vojvodic, the most acknowledged motivational speaker in Serbia. “TUNE IN” project was ignited and inspired by Nick Vujicic’s lecture in The White Palace for socially responsible companies and students with disabilities. It is a yearlong project in which participants are and will engage in various trainings, courses and lectures that will make them skilled and eligible for reaching the employment market demand.

The partnership of HRH Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for Culture and Education with the Australian Embassy in Belgrade adds additional value to the project since Australia is the best example as a country with the highest level of inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Presidential  club lectures last for 16 weeks and each lecture is three hours long. All fifty participants come on a regular basis which doubles the quota of persistency in that target group. The focus was aimed at mainly unemployed people with disabilities  and  several association members that transmit the lectures to their members (video and written material). The group is heterogeneous in criteria of age, education and geography.

The youngest  participant is 18 and eldest is 65 years old. People come from Novi Sad, Titel, Belgrade, Novi Pazar and Republika Srpska. The second part aims at focusing on  practical matters such are  how to apply for a job, how to behave during a job interview, how to present themselves, how to communicate successfully with employers. Among 50 participants, all groups with disabilities as well as mild mental conditions are represented.

The "Presidential club“ will welcome new participants in spring, April. After the motivational lecture series, practical skills training will follow such are digital literacy –training in working in several computer programmes, writing project proposals  and  foreign language courses.

The first lecture series are dedicated to personal and professional development lasting for four months. Mr. Dragan Vojvodic, highly skilled trainer,  will deliver lectures which are free for the participants every Wednesday from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Participants can register via e-mail: or telephone: 306 40 10 and 306 40 00.


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