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Exclusive statement by Mihajlo Popesku for The Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for education regarding the victory of the team of The Faculty of Organisational Sciences on Hult Global Case Challenge 2012 on regional competition in London

This year was held the third Hult Global Case Challenge regional competition in five cities of the World – London, Dubai, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Boston. The competition is for the first time organized in three different parts – energy, education and habitation. The challenges were created by the companies with a considerate philanthropic mission and international NGOs which deals with important humanity problems like poverty.

The competition is intended for students of postgraduate studies (MBA, EMBA, DBA and PhD) or management students who have several years of managerial experience. The team of Serbian students who represented the University of Belgrade and The Faculty of Organizational Sciences consists of Mihajlo Popesku, Marija Babic, Branka Novcic, Ivan Todorovic and Marija Ivanovic. They managed to defend the title of European Champion and to go directly in the world finals at the end of April in New York. All members of the team are extremely successful postgraduates who work and study at the same time. The only exception is Marija Jovanovic, the youngest team member who is an excellent student of the third year of module management.

Our scholar, Mihajlo Popesku, a second year student of PhD studies at the University of Nottingham, who participated for The Faculty of Organizational Sciences as an alumnus, in an exclusive interview for The Foundation shared his experiences regarding this event and their big success.

“Our team was solving problem of inhumane habitation conditions of 2 billion people on our planet. Habitat for Humanity International sought for a new business model that will in a sustainable way enable 10 million of houses in next 10 years. Besides, the model had to be applicable in any country and affordable for even the poorest people. The fact that Habitat managed to build only 500 000 houses in 35 years show the difficulty of the challenge.

Competition was very hard. Our opponents came from the world’s most prestige business schools, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Imperial, London Business School and the majority of them came directly from MBA or EMBA programmes. As far as the knowledge and work experiences are concerned, our team was in the same league as the rest, because most of the members have not only good academic results, but also work and consultant experience, which is normal, because business and marketing are applied sciences.

We had the opportunity to get to know the members of the Jury, who reached the decision of the winner unanimously.  They are all exquisite experts in the variety of fields (finance, marketing, management) who come from the world corporations: Coca Cola, PNB Paribas, etc.

We are now focused on the global finals which will take place in New York at the end of this year. We will be competing with four winning teams from other continents for the prize of 1 million dollars. If we win, the money will be invested in the realization of our idea. The winner will be announced by the former president of the United States of America Mr. Bill Clinton.
All team members firmly believe and want to win. We are extremely motivated and focused. Our final goal is winning the title of the world champions in solving cases and the implementation of our idea.”

25th of February 2012, London Chancery Court Hotel, Hult Global Case Challenge. Serbian students at the top of Europe in case challenge solving

25th of February 2012, Mihajlo Popesku, PhD student at the University of Nottingham and the scholar of The Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for education

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