Activate with Student’U

Activate with Student’U

A student-friendly app to create new contacts that you can find on the map, chat, share current student information, and get information on the best way and where to spend your vacation

This time, Student’U is honored to announce a collaboration with HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s Education Foundation. Thanks to the mentioned cooperation, the student will be able to follow all the projects of the Foundation and get involved in them. All the most up-to-date information that is useful to students (scholarships, seminars, future careers) will be published in the application and thus improve Student life.

Student’U is an exclusive application designed for Students who are ready to experience student life in a different light. The Student’U app allows them to be informed about their academic obligations, to find “interesting” classmates, go to crazy parties, start a conversation with someone they like, and above all find information on how to spend their holidays and free time.

“While Facebook is good for maintaining pre-existing friendships, Student’U is the ideal app to discover new students, meet new colleagues, and make new friendships,” said Nina Milos, PR Manager at SmaartMobile. She described this application as an ideal way for a student to get up-to-date and useful information from student life.

Student’U allows students to get acquainted with their surroundings and be informed of current student affairs and happenings. Because it is a location based application (LBA), it is possible to find and join students on the map at any time. So using this app enhances your social life in reality. Plus, when you are on your favorite trip and want to see friends from other countries, with Mapping system you will no longer have trouble finding one. What makes the application special and different from Facebook is the “Classifieds” option, where students can share meaningful information and be notified of it.

Also, with Student’U academics can introduce themselves depending on the social circles in which they move. So if they want to create a profile that only their friends will see, they just need to activate the Friends profile. However, when they want something more, an ideal Flirt profile is ideal, where it is possible to flirt with other students who use Facebook without leaving a trace on social networks.

During the chat, students want to have more information about the people they are in contact with. For this reason, the special Backstage photos option allows users to post their favorite photos, which will not be viewable by everyone, but only those who invest a certain number of points. Points are key throughout the application, as they unlock numerous opportunities at Student’U and the whole story takes on a new dimension. Points can be bought or earned – by adding friends, watching commercials and the like. Points can be used to give virtual gifts to dear ones. Gifts are very diverse, from flowers, chocolates and teddy bears to wine, champagnes, necklaces and the like.

When students create the entire Student’U world, then they want to find out who is looking at their profiles and who is interested in their pictures. In the Visitors option you can find out the answers to these questions, all if a certain number of points are invested.

Student’U introduces you to Student Life, and HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s Education Foundation allows you to obtain information that will be very relevant to your future.

The Student’U application is available for the following platforms:




Also available in Serbian soon.