Mr. Johan Gorecki a founder of Skype will open South East Europe Belgrade headquarters for his organization Globe Forum

Mr. Johan Gorecki a founder of Skype will open South East Europe Belgrade headquarters for his organization Globe Forum


The Royal Council for Entrepreneurship under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander II, organized a lecture for all interested students of Mr. Johan Gorecki, director of Globe Forum who worked with the founding team of Skype, one of the best known technology companies, yesterday at Singidunum University, Belgrade. After that, Mr. Gorecki went to the Royal Palace to talk to local entrepreneurs and investors about the possibilities of development of technological entrepreneurship in Serbia and announced opening headquarters for South East Europe of Globe Forum in Belgrade.

Mr. Johan Gorecki attended a reception at the Royal Palace, hosted by Mrs Alison Andrews, daughter of TRH Crown Prince Alexander II and Crown Princess Katherine, along with many local entrepreneurs and investors where further opportunities for the development of startup ecosystems in Serbia were discussed and how bringing Globe Forum will improve the perspectives.

Through Globe Forum activities, Mr. Gorecki and his team would work on fostering entrepreneurial development, especially in its early stage and would bring the wide network of international investors, business angels and multinationals in order to contribute to the economic development and growth of the country. 

At the reception four previously selected local startups presented themselves to investors who might in this way provide for themselves a new financial investment. This part of the event was provided, as part of its training program for entrepreneurs, by Serbian Business Angels Network, one of the members of the Royal Council for Entrepreneurship.

It is well known that the entrepreneurial spirit is the engine of any successful market economy, and technological entrepreneurship, or more casual form – startup, is a special form because it is based on technological innovation, which, if it turns out to be successful, can make above average profits. Successful examples are Google, Facebook, Skype and many others.

In Serbia, technological entrepreneurship is still developing, but there are already companies created out of nothing and young enthusiasts who are now leaders in their industries, such as Nordeus, A51 and Prelovac Media, and, besides high income, these companies also provide employment for an increasing number of young people.